The collection we do of data, make it possible for us to generate several very interesting Business Analytic reports. This without violating and patient information, medical record or similar. 

One report will be integrated with Google map and show data like product/product group sold in percentage of total, grouped in color 0-25%, 26-50%, 51-75% and 76-100% displayed whole Indonesia, per region, per city per clinic chain, per clinic/hospital and per doctor. Displayed with color on google map and listed. 

You can of course click down and deep dive in information about how your product is doing it compared to others. You will not see details from other partners, but your share of the total volume and details about your part will be available for you.

Other reports will be in Excel form, and be sorted on Doctor, Clinic/Hospital, Chain, City and Region, and show data like:

  • Average examinations per day, average value of each examination
  • Most used diagnoses
  • Most used medicine, sorted on diagnose type
  • Most used Laboratory types, sorted on diagnose and medicine type

Just to mention some.

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