When pharmacy suppliers and distributors register and upload their various products, then medical clinics, general practitioners and hospitals that use Empatix Medical and can have products from selected suppliers sent to their local warehouse. They can then set their own sales prices, max/min warehouse storage time, etc.


With just a few clicks the medical clinics, general practitioners and hospitals can create a Purchase Order, and if the supplier/distributor has joined Empatix Medical and is integrated into the system, then the order is placed directly into your ERP system. 


The supplier/distributor and the clinic/doctor have separate management systems. The supplier/distributor manager can set different prices for different clinics/doctors. A variety of business analytic reports will be available to suppliers and distributors who have signed an agreement with Empatix Medical.

Why you should join Empatix Medical and

  • You connect your products to diagnoses, and have your products displayed first, when the doctor searches for, selects and prescribes medicine for the patient.
  • You let doctors, clinics and hospitals purchase your products through the integrated Purchase Order module.
  • You integrate with Empatix Medical and get orders from thousands of doctors directly into your ERP system.
  • You get online reports that tell you what share of the market your products have for each doctor, clinic or hospital using Empatix Medical.
  • You get deep-insight reports about what your share of the market is for medicine for each diagnosis.
  • You connect video tutorials and ads to diagnoses and doctors' search results, promoting your products and treatment solutions.
  • You use the Empatix Medical special price module and set special prices for specific doctors, clinics and hospitals.

Together, we can improve Indonesian healthcare. JOIN NOW !